From the series “Convergence” by Nikita Gale, featured in the inaugural edition of Mambu Badu Magazine

Mambu Badu, a photography collective, was launched in 2010 in order to find, expose, and nurture emerging female photographers of African descent.  This labor of love was born from a series of unintentional twitter exchanges from a small town in the Bay Area to two photographers in Washington, D.C.  Those twitter messages quickly blossomed into a humble collective of three 24-year-old emerging photographers who sought for others, what they sought for themselves—an artistic voice.

For the inaugural edition of the Mambu Badu magazine, we chose to focus on the landscape of human memory.  Memory as we conceived it as vast and undefined. It lay somewhere between Sun Ra’s travels to Saturn, gospel call-and-response, motherships, funeral dirges, and insomnia.  It danced at the crossroads of the fictional autobiography, religious fantasy, and coerced forgetting.  We sought works that play with transient and temporal ambiguities in both content and technique.

At this moment, we dwell in an exciting space of possibility where we can grow as artists. We invite other female photographers of African descent to join us in this journey. We are approaching our art and this collective with a humble heart, a curious nature, and a persevering spirit.


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