DYNAMIC AFRICANS: Louis Majanja of ‘The Daily Struggle

Amateur Kenyan photographer Louis Majanja is the unofficial visual documentarian of daily life in his city, Nairobi, which also happens to be one of the most populated urban areas in East Africa and the capital of Kenya - a country often associated, in the West, with safaris and Serengetis.

However, despite the existence of Kenya’s great flora and fauna, that is not the everyday reality for some in the country. Through Louis’ lens, we get a peek into the daily grind of life in Nairobi (and other African cities) - from the mundane to the monumental.

Introduce yourself in five sentences or less :

Louis Majanja.

I design and develop software for a living. I’m from Nairobi, and this is where I live.

What inspired and/or motivated you to start this tumblr and how long have you been operating it:

Well, I had this tumblr blog for a while but didn’t use it much. However, I had been travelling for a while and had amassed a great number of images on my hard drive that I wanted to share, so I setup a tumblr called foreign streets that detailed my international travels.

I then began to take pictures in Nairobi, so I decided that I might as well create a separate blog for my local photos.

Where does the inspiration for the name of your blog come from:

I was inspired by newspapers that report daily and wanted to take pictures and chronicle daily life in the streets of Nairobi.

Life in Nairobi, as in any other place, is a struggle between many things; whether its the internal personal conflicts, or the outward struggles such as someone having to push a cart on hot day, having to walk to work in the rain, or even sitting in traffic for hours.

These are the everyday struggles that give the blog its name.

What do you most enjoy about social media and/or blogging on tumblr:

I like the idea that you can reach out and communicate with diverse people all over the world, i don’t know if there is anything special about tumblr, its just one of many mediums. Given different circumstance I could have been on Flickr, 500px or any other social networks

Concerning the diverse and dynamic aspects of Africa, what are you most passionate about :

Travel, travel in and around Africa, urban Africa and its associated sub cultures. I like life.

Are there any similar blogs you’d recommend:


Where else can you be found on the internet:

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Via dynamicafrica

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